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Over the past few years, imprinted concrete driveways have gained popularity among many homeowners. Not only can they change the appearance of any house, but they are also immune to some of the flaws present in alternative surface coverings.

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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Wigan

For more than 15 years, the staff at Classic Driveways has provided local residents with high-quality pattern imprinted driveways in Wigan. Customers can find a flexible and low maintenance option for driveways, patios, and pathways with pattern imprinted concrete in Wigan. Our exceptional customer service and the calibre of our work serve as a testament to our dedication to quality. So why not take advantage of the benefits provided by pattern imprinted concrete if you want to upgrade the driveway of your home?

The procedure begins with a meeting with one of our surveyors. We will walk you through the many award-winning designs that are at your disposal during this time, as well as provide you with a plan for your driveway. After that, our highly qualified staff will quickly and expertly install your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. We have installed more than 1200 concrete driveways in the North West since our establishment. We are considered one of Wigan’s top suppliers of imprinted concrete driveways because of the expertise and skillset we have amassed over the years.

So, call our staff at 0800 072 1552 right now if you’d like more information about our entire selection of driveway services in Wigan.



We’ll contact you to discuss your exact requirements for your brand new, pattern imprinted driveway, and present you with a full technical survey plan which will confirm contract price, with no hidden extras.



Our professional team will visit your property and carefully prepare the ground before laying and imprinting concrete with a bespoke look and finish.



With a quick turnaround time, your new driveway will offer you a long-lasting, low-maintenance, high-quality driveway with contemporary kerb appeal.

Award Winning Patterned Driveways in Wigan

We can help you if you’re looking for a driveway company in Wigan that provides a high-quality service at a reasonable cost. For the past 15 years, we have offered driveways of the highest calibre that are both adaptable and durable to local clients. The quality of our work is highlighted by the fact we have received the golden trowel twice, in 2007 and 2013. This is something that has only been achieved by a select few national driveway companies.

We can assist if you want a driveway that gives your house excellent kerb appeal. You may give your property a style that not only complements but also enhances it by installing a patterned imprinted concrete driveway.

Our highly qualified team’s installation service highlights the excellent calibre of our work. Our team members all have a diverse set of skills that enable them to finish every job to a high standard. We as a business are extremely proud of the award-winning designs we provide to our clients. So call our experts at 0800 072 1552 for a quick response if you’re thinking of installing a pattern-imprinted concrete driveway at your house.

How Does Pattern Imprinted Concrete Work?

To create pattern-imprinted concrete, the freshly poured concrete’s surface is stamped with the design of your choice and then sealed with a hardener. By doing this, we may replicate the appearance of driveway materials like stone, cobblestones, slate, or granite, to name just a few. The concrete’s hardwearing qualities, which make it more durable than more conventional surface materials, are provided by the sealer that is placed onto it. Combining this with the virtually endless variety of colours and patterns demonstrates why pattern imprinted concrete is currently a highly chosen option for driveways in Wigan.

The fact that pattern imprinted concrete requires little to no upkeep is one of its key advantages. All it needs to maintain its pristine appearance is routine cleaning and sealer application every three years. Our skilled craftsmen complete every project we take on to the best of their ability.

The endurance of pattern imprinted concrete makes it more cost-effective than similar products. This is because once the sealer has been put on, the concrete is 25% stronger than ordinary concrete.

We only utilise market leading materials when installing one of our driveways in Wigan. As a result, we can guarantee that our customers will obtain a driveway that not only improves the appearance of their property but also lasts for many years. This is one of the primary reasons we are regarded as one of Wigan’s top suppliers and installers of pattern-imprinted concrete driveways.

Contact our knowledgeable team right now at 0800 072 1552 to learn more about our comprehensive range of driveway services in Wigan and the surrounding area.

Choose Pattern Imprinted Concrete for Your Wigan Driveway

Pattern imprinted concrete is the best driveway option if you want to completely change the appearance of your house. Imprinted concrete is long-lasting, simple to maintain, and does not have some of the drawbacks of other surface materials.

Pros of Pattern Imprinted Concrete:

  • Resistant to staining, fading & cracking
  • Does not fade
  • Does not sink
  • Non-slip when treated with Rhino grip
  • Totally weed free
  • Stain resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Many patterns and colours to choose from
  • Quick installation from start to finish

Cons to other types of solutions

  • Block paving can sink and spreads over time and can get easily overrun with moss and weeds
  • Tarmac can fade and get covered in moss over time
  • Tarmac can also disintegrate over time, leading to the need for a total replacement
  • Flags can move, crack and sink, leading to replacements or repairs being needed
  • Gravel or aggregate never stays in place and can get washed away

An extensive selection of driveway services in Wigan

Despite the fact that we are imprinted concrete driveway specialists in Wigan, we also provide a variety of other services to assist our clients with the management of their landscaping needs. We can also help facilitate Fencing,  decking, block paving, and artificial grass. As a result, we are able to give our clients all the tools they require to successfully accomplish their project.

Concrete Pattern Imprinted Experts in Wigan – Classic Driveways.

Why not look at our online collection to discover how imprinted concrete could help improve your home? It includes images of a few of the projects we’ve finished over the years. The exhibition will show off both the wide range of finishes that are offered and the excellent quality of the work our skilled team delivers.

For a friendly, informal talk about the specifics of your project, call our team at 0800 072 1552. Along with giving you a free, no-obligation quote, they will be happy to provide you guidance on all the options available to you.

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